Coterie Pizza

Coterie means a gathering of people with common tastes. Pizza is a food to share…

In his spare time, Chris makes pizzas in his backyard oven for anyone who comes over. Harvey is a next door neighbor who loves pizza. This is how their families began to hang out – over pizza, which developed into a friendship. Eventually, a vision was formed out of this camaraderie of wanting to bring this experience to life in a local community.

Coterie Pizza utilizes a master crafted Italian stone oven and pizzas that try to match. We try to be unique and keep the classics safe that everyone can enjoy or explore. Add a self-pour beer wall, ample seating, community events and you will see our desire to grow in Garrett, IN. Try our pizza, join our Coterie!

We are futuristically looking to add outdoor seating, as well as more menu items. Check back often! You won’t be disappointed!

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